andy + lisa’s experimental lovers session

When Lisa and Andy said they wanted to celebrate their mile stone birthdays with a photo shoot with me, I immediately saw these photos in my head.  I have shot underwater before, but having to photograph two people, underwater with a top hat and a flowing dress, let’s just say- it was a lot more challenging than we anticipated.  I love doing “experimental” photography because it’s just all play.  Using toy cameras and disposable under water cameras, although challenging, was also very fun.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the images came out- like little pieces of art work to hang on the wall. So super cool.  Thank you Andy + Lisa for all the hard work (and, I know it was HARD WORK), willing spirits and all for putting all your trust in me to capture something special. 

photography:  Tanja Lippert   +   makeup & hair styling: Tanja Lippert   + wardrobe styling: Tanja Lippert and Lisa