My name is Tanja Lippert and I am a human. I am also a film + digital photographer and makeup + hair artist who specializes in weddings, fashion, commercial, music, fine art & portraits. I was named "one of the world's top wedding photographers" by Martha Stewart. I live in sunny California, but travel world-wide for assignments. I am very passionate and committed to my craft. I love adventure, creativity, traveling, spontaneity and inspiring others. I am a dreamer and a hopeless romantic at heart. I thank God that he has blessed me with creative gifts and abundant love. Aside from being an artist, I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend. On top of all that, I am pretty much a big dork!

why film?

I often get asked "why do you still shoot with film?" The answer is pretty simple. I am a huge fan of the quality, richness & "magical" look that film has to offer. Shooting film "connects" me to my subject and surroundings and makes me more acute to what is happening in front of my camera.  When I started shooting fashion work back in 2001, digital was not even an option. I learned photography on film and have never switched. For me, photography is still an art. It's MY art. It is my blood, my sweat and my tears. It is also my joy and my love.  For me, film is what makes my heart happy and emotionally ties me to my images. I love it, love it, love it… and, if you love my work, I would suspect… you love it too!


I believe that every great photographer is not only a photographer, but also an artist. A great photographer can not only capture great images, but create images worthy of capturing! I feel that it is my job to both capture and create and that is exactly what I do!  From my lifetime of experience in front of the camera as a model, on the sidelines as a makeup artist to behind the camera as photographer, I have learned that the art of creating photographs can be very personal & empowering.  It means so much to me and to my subjects.  It's something I care deeply about and pour myself into.  The gifts, friendships, purpose & meaning photography has brought into my life are immeasurable and I am so very grateful that it chose me.

makeup + hair styling

My whole life I have been enamored with dressing people up, styling their makeup + hair and taking their picture. I was the gal everyone called when they needed a special hairdo or makeup for the prom, first date or last minute photo shoot. My skills and tools have improved over the years and I am blessed to be able to incorporate all the things I love into my career.  My philosophy behind styling is this: it is imperative that the "looks" make sense and tell a story.  I sometimes call my style "perfectly imperfect" because I rarely like things that seem "too contrived" or "overdone".  I like to focus on helping people look and feel beautiful in their own skin.